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Blood Irradiators
Calibrator for Radiation Meters and Dosimeters
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Radiation Solutions is qualified and licensed to install your irradiators that employ Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137 sources.

Source Reloading

We are authorized to reload and transfer Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137 sources.

Annual Maintenance

We are trained and licensed to perform routine and non-routine gauge repairs and maintenance whenever required.


Let us help you plan and move your irradiators to a new location in a safe and compliant manner.


We extract sources and dispose them to an NRC-licensed disposal facility in a timely fashion.

Nuclear guage services

Emergency Response

As an NRC-Licensed Service Provider we are available 24/7/365 to assist in any and all gauge/source recovery efforts.



Course Duration: 2 Days, 40 hour equivalent

Meets all criteria of NUREG 1556 Vol 5 Appendix F.  Trainees are taught the hazards associated with radioactive materials and the importance of security.  The course includes basic radiation safety, dose calculations, radiation protection program elements, regulatory inspections, licensing, emergency actions, radioactive material accountability, leak testing, maintenance, transportation, waste management, and the duties & responsibilities of an RSO.

The course reviews all the pertinent regulations covered under 10 CFR Parts 19, 20, 21, 30, 37, and 71.

Refreshing Training

Refresher training is required within 12 months anytime significant security changes are made.

Authorized User

Course Duration: 1 Day

Meets NUREG 1556 Vol 5, Appendix F.   Training includes instructions on safely working around irradiators, maintaining security measures, and responding appropriately to accidents or malfunctioning of the equipment.   The course teaches basic radiation principles and radiation safety that include understanding time, distance, and shielding, radiation exposure vs. contamination, allowable doses, dosimetry, and internal vs. external dose.  Applicable regulations are covered for the subject matter identified above.

Refreshing Training

Refresher training is required within 12 months anytime significant security changes are made.

Radiation Leak Testing

Radiation Leak Testing Results You Can Count On

Radiation Solutions offers certified leak test & analysis services to support NRC regulatory criteria at 6 month intervals.  We use certified laboratory low-level counting equipment that are efficiency checked and accompanied by a current background count to ensure meeting the detection sensitivity of 185 becquerels (0.005 microcuries).

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