Radwaste Disposal



•  Turnkey Removal and Disposal
•  Personalized Service
•  Simplified, Low Cost Approach
•  Short Term Burial Cycle
•  Nationwide Service Area



Radiation Solutions is a low cost, full service, radwaste disposal provider for disposing radioactive materials.  Our disposal service includes dispositioning of your old and unused nuclear gauges, irradiators, radioactive signs, smoke detectors, check sources, flood sources, sealed radioactive sources,  and more.
As a radioactive waste broker, we understand that radwaste disposal can be a very complicated and expensive process.  Our knowledge of the industry, industrial waste disposal regulations, authorized disposal sites, and radiological expertise, help us to simplify this for you.  Focusing on your specific needs also enables us to be highly efficient and very cost-competitive.
We believe radioactive material disposal costs are already too high, so why pay more?  This is why we earnestly strive to seek the most cost-efficient and compliant disposition pathway possible for you.  Our focus on lower-cost nuclear gauge disposal and other non-routine gauge services has contributed to our growth and success.
Radiation Solutions is licensed by the NRC to take possession of your sealed source type radioactive material.  This license authorizes us to go onsite and retrieve, recover, package, and transport your radioactive sources.  All our rad disposal work is in accordance with NRCAgreement State, and DOT regulations.
Our radwaste disposal service ensures all your radioactive materials are buried at an authorized disposal facility in a relatively short period.  Once the source(s) are recovered, official transfer of custody record paperwork is provided to you per 10 CFR 30.41.

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